Sunday, March 6, 2011

How Old Was Andy Sixx When He Got His Lip Pierced

Favorites in February 2011

Somehow I like it very well, let the first day of the move next month into the country - as one can consider the selection of the monthly favorites

better ;-) This month I've chosen some of my newer stuff to my favorites . The reason: since they moved in with me, I use many of them almost every day ...

came in February so the following treasures quite often to train:

~ Clarins Rouge Crème Hydra Nude Délicieuse: If it's worth to be discreet and I just wanted to have a healthy glow on the lips, I reached this lipstick.

~ Lancome Le French Touch Absolu Lipstick: If something more than the above should be dufte ran this beautiful pink tone.

~ Lancome Hypnose Mascara Drama: This mascara conjures a great effect on everyday life and can be removed at night with my current eye make-up remover quite wonderful.

~ p2 Mascara - Big Drama False Lash Effect: I did not expect that I like this mascara as well. It is indeed no great drama. And the "false eyelash" effect could be larger - but for everyday I find it great. You can, however, with my AMU remover remove not quite as good ...

~ MAC Paint Pot Painterly " he is just great as a base - no smudging, no settling in the crease. He has also proved to be the best base for my Lancome palette.

~ MAC Eyeshadow "Henna": Such a beautiful, shimmering khaki color! I wear them almost every day!

~ MAC eyeshadow Mega Metal "Plum Noir": This one is from MAC's Peacocky collection, which came in February on the market. The eye shadow is much larger than those from the standard range, and he shines very nice and strong. I like!

What were your favorites in February?


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