Tuesday, February 22, 2011

General Tool Mfc Application Has Stopped Working

[Quick Info] essence range changeover

girls, there are bad news! I just wanted to just give notice (in the hope that it is not already too late) that the two recently introduced to me paints essence of the current Range conversion of essence are victims!

It is to the great Chanel Black Pearl Dupe called "must have" (# 62)

and glittering to the purple "Purple Diamonds" (# 59).

As you can read in the above linked reviews, the paints are already covering with a layer - and really great.

I stood yesterday on the way, essence-shelf at my local dm and found the areas of these two paints from already empty! If you're interested in them, you have to be quick! Currently cost the coatings € 0.95 .

Is there anything in essence '"Goodbye" list, which will miss her most?


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